A look behind the scenes of PA1 & PA2 (Boom Sprayer) course

Are you ready for the deadline of the Sustainable use of Pesticides Directive?

Farming HD - KTC Deadline

All professional pesticide users must be trained & register with the Department of Agriculture by 26th November 2015

The term ‘pesticide’ describes a broad group of products that are used as plant protection products (PPPs) and/or biocidal products and some veterinary medicine products so the term pesticide(s) also includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.

What is a professional user?

A professional user is any person who uses pesticides in the course of their professional activities, including operators, technicians, employees and self-employed people, both in the farming and other sectors.

What do you need to do to become compliant?

To become compliant with this new directive you must complete a pesticide training course and then register with the DAFM.
We KTC Safety offer City & Guilds NPTC certification for pesticides including:

  • PA1 – Safe handling & use of pesticides
  • PA2 – Boom Sprayer
  • PA4G – Pesticide Granule Application
  • PA4S – Pesticide Slug Pellet Application
  • PA6A – Handheld Applicator (Knapsack)
  • PA6AW – Handheld Applicator (Knapsack) Near Water
  • PA9 – Fogging, Misting & Smokes
  • PA11 – Seed Treatment Equipment
  • PA12 – Application of pesticides to material as a continuous process via conveyor

Why choose City & Guilds NPTC  over any other certification?

Here are just a few reasons why to choose KTC Safety & City & Guilds NPTC certification for pesticides:

  1. City & Guilds NPTC is the only certification accepted in the Forestry Industry in Ireland
  2. City & Guilds NPTC is the only certification accepted in the UK & Northern Ireland for pesticides
  3. Certification with no expiry date – once you complete the course there is no renewal its for life
  4. Globally recognised certification
  5. Professional certification from an Awarding Body.
  6. City & Guilds offers a much wider range of applications then Boom & Knapsack Sprayer
  7. KTC Safety is The Association of Farm Contractors in Ireland (FCI) recommended training provider for Pesticides  

How do i register with DAFM?

One you have completed your training with KTC Safety you can then register on the DAFM website to become compliant.
DAFM Register

Further information

We run public course in our training centre in Portlaoise Co Laois, we also can run course on site to groups of 6 or 12.
For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us on the below

Below we have a look behind the scenes at the PA1 & PA2 Course

Pictured below is Mr Peter Mojzes & Mr Brian Healion from Humeswood Estate with James Kearney & Jason Kearney Trainer/Assessor KTC Safety

For more info on any of our pesticides courses contact us on 057-8646619

Posted on Wed 17th September, 2014 by KTC Safety