Felling of Utility Poles – CS43

CS43 – Felling of Utility Poles Training Course

This CS43 felling of utility poles training course is suitable to any person in local authorities, private utility & telecommunication companies who are required to fell utility poles



Felling of Utility Poles Training Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:
1. Identify, inspect and comment on key parts of the powered pole pruners
2. Prepare the powered pole pruner for work safely without risk to themselves, other people or the environment
3. Carry out daily and routine maintenance on the powered pole pruner
4. Operate the powered pole pruner safely and effectively and comfortably in accordance with the practical risk assessment
5. Operate the powered pole pruner safely without risk to themselves, other people and the environment
6. State the identified knowledge that underpins understanding of operating a powered pole pruner
7. Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site

The assessment is divided into 2 compulsory parts:

• Part 48.1 Maintenance of the Powered pole pruner
• Part 48.2 On-site preparation and basic pruning

CS43 Felling of Utility Poles Learning Outcomes

The felling of utility poles student will be able to: 1. Identify the Risk Assessment and Emergency procedures on a work site. 2. Select and prepare equipment required for safe and effective felling of utility poles 3. Prepare utility pole and adjacent area for felling operation 4. Fell utility poles safely and accurately using an appropriate method
The CS43 felling of utility poles assessment consists of 2 compulsory Parts: Part 1 Prepare Wooden Utility Poles for Felling Part 2 Fell Wooden Utility Poles
This unit covers Utility poles that are not connected to a circuit

Felling of Utility Poles Assessment

Complete a practical test with one to one verbal questioning.

Certification (CS43 – felling of utility poles)
City & Guilds NPTC – CS43 Fell Utility Poles


The course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical training. Our Felling of Utility Poles Training and assessment programme enables experienced plant operators to gain recognition for their achievements. Successful Felling of Utility Poles Training course candidates get certified after demonstrating their skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with plant operations.


KTC – Felling of Utility Poles Training Course

KTC has one of the largest dedicated training centres in the Ireland. At KTC we have the Felling of Utility Poles training experience with a highly skilled team to meet your needs. We also provide training in: CSCS Machinery, Quarrying, Retail, Education, Transport, Agricultural and many more areas.

Our purpose built headquarters are in Portlaoise, Co. Laois.


The KTC, Felling of Utility Poles Training course is approved by :

City and Guilds


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