Ergonomic Consultation

Ergonomics is the interaction concerning humans to the design of objects, equipment and environment. Ergonomics comes into everything which involves people. Work systems, sports and leisure, health and safety should all embody ergonomic principles if well designed.

Ergonomics has a wide application to everyday situations, but there are even more significant implications for efficiency, productivity, safety and health in work settings. For example:

Designing equipment and work arrangements to improve work posture and ease the load on the body, thus reducing instances of repetitive strain injury/work related upper limb disorder.

Designing work environments, including lighting and heating, to suit the needs of the users and the tasks performed. Ergonomics should be considered when a new workplace is being designed and when new equipment is being selected and installed or when jobs and procedures are being considered.

At KTC our health and safety consultants advise on ergonomic solutions providing the relevant documentation and assessments.

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