A look behind the scenes of PA1 & PA6 (Knapsack Sprayer) course

Pesticide spraying is a very hot topic at the moment with the new EU regulations now in place, but do you know does it apply to you, what is required & what do you need to do?

Firstly the term ‘pesticide’ describes a broad group of products that are used as plant protection products (PPPs) and/or biocidal products and some veterinary medicine products.
So the term pesticide(s) also includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.

The legislation refers to professional users but what is a professional user?

A professional user is any person who uses pesticides in the course of their professional activities, including operators, technicians, employees and self-employed people, both in the farming and other sectors.

What do you need to do?

The DAFM have given a deadline of 26th November 2015 for all users to be trained & certified

We (KTC Safety) are City & Guilds NPTC Approved Centre and can assist you in complying with your legal obligation in relation to any training but also pesticides which include:

  • PA1 – Safe handling & use of pesticides
  • PA2 – Boom Sprayer
  • PA4G – Pesticide Granule Application
  • PA4S – Pesticide Slug Pellet Application
  • PA6A – Handheld Applicator (Knapsack)
  • PA6AW – Handheld Applicator (Knapsack) Near Water
  • PA6G – Handheld Applicator (Knapsack) Pellets or Granules to land
  • PA9 – Fogging, Misting & Smokes
  • PA11 – Seed Treatment Equipment
  • PA12 – Application of pesticides to material as a continuous process via conveyor

Why choose City & Guilds NPTC?

  • Globally recognised certification (City & Guilds operates in over 80 countries around the world)
  • Professional certification from an Awarding Body.
  • Certificate & Card with no expiry date
  • City & Guilds NPTC is the only certification accepted in the Forestry Industry in Ireland
  • City & Guilds NPTC is the only certification accepted in the UK & N.Ire for pesticides

Below we have a look behind the scenes at the PA1 & PA6 Course

Pictured below is Mr Cormack Duggan & Dr Avril Rothwell from Eurofins Agroscience Services with James Kearney Trainer/Assessor

For more info on any of our pesticides courses contact us on 057-8646619


Posted on Thu 11th September, 2014 by KTC Safety