Japanese Knotweed National Eradication Plan – PA1 & PA6INJ

For anyone that missed the RTE news last week.

RTE Player – Nine News

One topic that was covered was Japanese Knotweed (21:23 – 23:11)

This is a problematic & invasive species which its roots can penetrate walls, foundations, footpaths, roads etc and have the potential to cost millions worth of damage.
One county councilor is now calling for a national eradication plan for this plant.
We (KTC) offer training & certification (which will be mandatory by 26th November) for the most efficient and effective way to deal with Japanese Knotweed – PA1 & PA6INJ (Pesticide Injection Equipment)
For more information contact us on 057-8646619 or https://www.ktcsafety.ie/pesticide-training-courses/


Posted on Mon 24th August, 2015 by KTC Safety