Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

FAS have now introduced a scheme for plant operators who have experience in driving the plant items on the FAS CSCS list but who are not holders of a current CSCS card. The new process is designed to assist experienced operators who may have the appropriate skills to safely operate the plant but not the formal training*

These candidates can now apply to have their experience/certification recognised in order to take part in a one day recognition of prior learning assessment.


*Note: For more information to whether your application could be accepted please contact David on 057-8646619.


An Applicant for recognition of prior learning may apply for exemption from some or all elements of a CSCS New Entrant Programme. The application must consist of the following documentation:-

  • Application for Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Endorsement of Operating Competence form
  • Skills Self Analysis form
  • Evidence of Training (Formal / Informal) undertaken
  • Copies of any knowledge, skill and or competence qualifications supported
    by the relevant course details (syllabus/courses syllabi) / documentation
  • Evidence of experience
  • Report/s on projects undertaken
  • Employment statement/s written by employers, managers, or supervisors
  • Evaluation reports or appraisals from work managers, employers
  • Statements of competencies from Supervisor/s
  • Photographic evidence of work supported by documentary evidence
  • A comprehensive record of relevant employment experience including the names,
    addresses and contact details of employer(s) and a detailed breakdown of work
    based duties and responsibilities


Recognition of prior learningdeocumentation

The Applicant may also provide documentation to support an application for RPL, such as:-

  • Job Descriptions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • References / Testimonials


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